Vaccine On Wheels

Mobile Popup Clinic Format for Mass Vaccination

Project Background

The Vaccine on Wheels (VOW) is a service-oriented system architecture presented in a mobile popup clinic format for mass vaccination distribution, specifically tailored to address the challenges posed by COVID-19 and future pandemics.

Jackin Alix Bien Aime, conceived the VOW system–a rapid connectivity solution ensuring access to healthcare data for delivering vaccines to remote locations and regions where connectivity challenges are prevalent.

The VOW is crucial for efficiently addressing the operational and digital complexities associated with mass vaccination efforts.

The Needs

Efficient preparedness and planning for mass vaccination are crucial components of pandemic management. The entire vaccine process, including Production, Transport, Administration, and Distribution, presents logistical challenges. Once vaccines reach distribution facilities, solutions are needed for identification, scheduling, and rapid vaccination while ensuring quality and safety control.

Traditional dispensing facilities such as clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, etc., will be necessary but may not be sufficient to handle mass vaccination of COVID-19 and viral outbreaks in the future. New and innovative vaccination processes and approaches will be needed.


The challenge lies in innovating vaccination processes to address the limitations of traditional facilities, especially in areas lacking internet and electricity. Not only must solutions address these limitations, but they must also ensure secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant data management, storage, and transmission.


Introducing Vaccine On Wheels (VOW) system, the latest addition to Imcon International's immediate connectivity ecosystem lineupe. Conceived by Jackin Alix in 2021, the VOW is a service-oriented system architecture designed as a mobile popup clinic for vaccination distribution during COVID-19 and future pandemics. It is a three-fold solution based on:

  1. Internet Backpack: Enables rapid connectivity in challenging or rural locations, ensuring healthcare workers can dispense vaccines effectively.
  2. Snowcone: A portable, rugged, and secure device for edge computing and data transfer, facilitating the storage and forwarding of relevant data to the Amazon AWS cloud.
  3. Vaccination Tools Suite: A comprehensive suite of tools, both onsite and online, supporting the input, discovery, and exploitation of medical data via a common repository shared across teams.

The VOW can be easily integrated with the traditional clinic, mobile or stationary, to tackle the connectivity obstacles that healthcare workers are facing to properly dispense the vaccine in challenging or rural locations. It provides the security and privacy to unlock the potential of healthcare data and operate in this highly regulated industry.


The Vaccine on Wheels is vital for meeting the vaccination operational and digital challenges quickly and effectively. It offers numerous solutions to maintain connectivity and securely access healthcare data for dispensing vaccines to remote locations and regions where Internet connectivity is hard to reach.

The mobility and flexibility of the VOW system make it an ideal solution that can be used to enhance the planning, operation, feasibility, and effectiveness assessment of vaccine dispensing, contributing significantly to ongoing global health efforts.

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