Internet Backpack

Enable remote connectivity and computing resources worldwide.

Project Overview

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without the Internet. And yet, about half of the global population remains unconnected, missing out on the wealth of educational resources, vital information, and essential services available online. Imagine a solution that breaks free from geographical constraints, enabling users to access global connectivity through a portable product. This has been the core vision driving the development of the Internet Backpack.

Jackin Alix Bien Aime, a former research student, played a pivotal role in advancing the Internet Backpack technology from its early days at Syracuse University. The project, originally conceived by Professor Lee W. McKnight for emergency ICT solutions, gained momentum. In 2018, Jackin took on the role of Technical Architect at Imcon International (the start-up developer of the Internet Backpack), further extending the mission to provide internet access across diverse use cases.

Features & Description

The Internet Backpack is a cutting-edge, always-on, and self-sustaining connectivity solution. With one-touch, self-initiating features, it offers mobility and flexibility to connect everyone from first responders, remote workers, learners, and users in stressed or degraded environments.

Moreover, the Internet Backpack features a sustainable power source acting as micropower grid (Powerful rechargeable Lithium Battery with solar panel).It is a lightweight system to stay powered up wherever you go with the Internet Backpack. The solar panels are mounted to weather-resistant fabric that quickly folds for storage and unfolds for use.

Use Cases & Key Markets

Each Internet Backpack is originally tailored for specific use cases. For instance, some models are equipped with extra components providing users with additional features which are not supported on other models. It's an essential connectivity solution for emergencies, remote education, survival services, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Check out how it meets specific needs in each case.

Survival Online Services. When we are far from existing network infrastructure, deep in the wilderness or far from urban centers, it is still nearly impossible to contact authorities during an emergency. The Internet Backpack ensures that no matter how far we wander, we can still reach the rest of the world when we need to.

Educational Internet. Today millions of students are unable to access the internet at school or at home. Their schools are often underfunded and far from communication infrastructure. With the Internet Backpack, they can now have a low-cost solution to join the global community for the first time.

Emergency Response. When disaster strikes help is needed quickly, those in affected regions cannot endure the sometimes months-long gap in internet accessibility. The Internet Backpack will help first responders to communicate with each other and with those needing help quickly and efficiently.

Internet Of Things. The Internet Backpack provides for edge-based connecting to external devices for bi-directional communication for agriculture, telemedicine, and many other remote device challenges. Adding a crucially needed level of security.

I’m going to take the Internet Backpack on my back to the remote village and school children of Julijuah, who have never had the gift of the internet for their learning. I want to bring this technology, your programs, and the internet, not only to the school children of Liberia, but also to all the children of the world!



The Internet Backpack remains a symbol of empowerment, bringing the benefits of the digital age to those who need it most. In the hands of users, it becomes a tool for education, a lifeline in emergencies, and a key player in the evolution of the Internet of Things. The journey continues, fueled by the mission to make internet access a reality for all, regardless of location or circumstance.

Being part of this project and observing its impact on real-life individuals has been profoundly meaningful and, once again, a transformative experience for me, Jackin Alix.

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