Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Affordable Internet Connectivity to Underserved Communities.

Project Overview

In addressing the pressing issue of expensive and limited internet connectivity accross the nation, Imcon International Inc, operating as Rural4G, embarked on a transformative journey leveraging the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) in collaboration with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The ACP offers discounts on internet costs, including monthly reductions and device discounts for eligible households.

Understanding The Mission

In today's digital age, internet access is vital for individuals, businesses, and communities. Unfortunately, millions lack affordable and reliable connectivity, impeding their participation in the digital economy, education, healthcare, and connections with loved ones. The ACP is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at closing this digital divide, a mission our organization passionately embraces in partnership with the FCC.

Compliance Essentials: Jackin's Key Contributions

Participation in the ACP requires strict adherence to FCC program requirements outlined in the EBB Order (FCC 21-29) and any subsequent guidance for compliance, including the Bureau's Order DA 21-1524 and the ACP Order (FCC 22-2).

Broadband providers must understand the rules and obligations of the program, a task in which Jackin played a pivotal role. His contributions ranged from registering with to sending an ACP election notice to USAC, and more. The detailed steps included:

Jackin's diligence resulted in the company's approval as a participating provider across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. This approval allows both new and existing customers who meet eligibility criteria to benefit from monthly internet discounts ranging from $30 to $75, or even access high-speed internet at zero cost.

Freedom Tablets Integration

As part of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), eligible households may also receive a one-time device discount of up to $100. This discount applies when purchasing a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer from participating providers. This discount, a cornerstone of the ACP, significantly enhances the accessibility of essential devices for eligible households.

When deciding to participate in the program, our team wanted to provide a total solution that was sustainable for the recipients. Thus, the creation of the Freedom Tablets! Importantly, these devices, crafted by Rural4G, must meet FCC requirements, supporting video conferencing and other essential software for online learning, offering Wi-Fi connectivity, camera functions, and accessibility features.

Jackin's dedication ensured that the devices not only adhered to FCC requirements but also complied with the regulations outlined in the List of Equipment and Services Covered By Section 2 of The Secure Networks Act. He also played a leading role in completing the ACP Device Information Form and submitting applications for unique devices offered through the ACP.

The company went beyond by introducing "Freedom Tablets," offering new Android tablets with one year of internet connectivity for a nominal one-time fee of $10.10 to recipients. This initiative aligns with Rural4G's commitment to sustainability and holistic solutions for bridging the digital divide.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jackin now for almost two years and have been wildly impressed not only with his technical acumen but also his initiative and forethought across all our business lines. Jackin has an almost innate ability to look at a project and be able to see where the issues may appear and get in front of them long before they are a problem. With his academic credential, language skills and global network Jackin is and will continue to be, a valued resource for Imcon International and I look forward to a continued long friendship and working relationship.


Rural4G's approval as an ACP participating provider signifies a crucial step in bridging the digital divide, providing affordable and reliable internet access to underserved communities nationwide. Jackin's instrumental contributions have not only secured the company's ACP approval but have also paved the way for enhanced connectivity and opportunities, aligning seamlessly with the FCC's mission to create a more digitally inclusive society.

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